Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finished, Unfinished, and Destroyed

March is a horrible month for yarn projects. It hates me!

I finished the Kiddie kitten hat I started for a friends kiddie (it's awesome). The pattern can be found at It's for big people though, so you will have to scale it down if you want it to be kid-sized. The ears and pom-poms are pink.

I killed the Lidsville hat I was making. Thrice. It's a great pattern ( in Son of Stitch'n Bitch book), but I apparently do not have the magic hat power needed to recreate it. After the third failed attempt I decided to accept my defeat.

I started knitting an amigurumi Dory from Finding Nemo for my fantastically awesome friend. You know how you get an idea and you say to yourself " she is gonna LOVE that"? This is one of those things. I laugh when I'm knitting it.

The socks I started somehow turned into ballet slippers. It gave me a great idea for some sweet hippie slipper/shoe things. I wonder if I put leather on the bottom as a sole, could I wear them out and about?

I've also been drafting a few summer dresses. I guess I didn't realise how easy it is to make a dress when you have a dress form to drape it on. SCORE. I finished the mock-up for two, which I did with old sheets, and now All I have to do is take them apart and use them for patterns.

All of this after I finish stuffed Dory. And tailoring two dresses and a pair of shorts for my homie. And a pair of pants for my extremely short sister.

Maybe the problem here isn't the month of March. Maybe its my inability to finish projects before I start new ones? Naw. It's definitely March.

Also, I love home-made stouts.

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