Monday, October 31, 2011

I Forgot I Had This Blog

I really did forget about it for a few days. I've been so busy working and sleeping I haven't had much time for anything.

I started working in July, 25 hours a week. Which turned into 35 hours a week, which turned into 50 hours a week. ARGH! My whole body has been a lump of ache for the past two months. But now I am back to 35 hours, and I think I can manage to pick up the pieces of my projects.

I have a lot to do.
1)Finish the IT Crowd guitar strap I've been avoiding for five months. The tension on that thing kills me.
2)Finish an awesome drop stitch scarf I saw at Irishfest. My friend said "Hey you knit! Make me one of those that doesn't cost $50! (Mine is going to be sooo much cooler, if I do say so myself. Although not of imported Irish wool.)
3) Finish my Subtley TARDIS scarf. It's blue with the design of the TARDIS worked into it over and over so it looks like a pattern, but if you look closely you will see the TARDIS. Is trying to conceal the geekery of an object geek in and of itself? Hmmm.

I aam determined to tackle the evil sock monster this winter. I will make socks, if it kills me! You will not defeat me, socks of doom!

And now it is time for me to go sleepy-bye. I am no longer coherent. Why do people let me have internet access when I'm half asleep?!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Incognito Reversible Messenger Bag

It's Awesome! At least I think so. I even wrote down the pattern. It might be unintelligible, though. I'm not so good at the making sense bit.

Here's the alien side. It's a fairly easy pattern, all you really need is a basic understanding of knitting and colour work.

So everyone thinks "oh wow! That's a great alien bag, and then WHAM.......

Turn it inside out and it's a flower bag! (The flower is a scarlet pimpernel, by the way.)

If you feel spy-ish, go into the bathroom and turn it inside out for a quick change and no one will ever know it's you. That's an exaggeration. But it's totally cool.

What you will need:
Size 9 straight needles
Size 11 straight needles
One skein Red Heart Super Saver Heather Grey
One skein Red Heart Super Saver Black
One skein Red Heart Super Saver Red
Less than one skein Red Heart Super Saver Bright Green
    (Any worsted weight yarn type should work, like wool, for instance.)
Crochet hook (optional)
Tapestry needle
Safety pins or straight pins
Measuring tape

Gauge is 8sts/2" wide; 10sts/2" long. (I don't think the gauge will matter so much as long as you have the same gauge on both pieces of the bag.)

CO 53 sts with sz 9's
3 rows gtr st.
4 rows Gtr st 2, st st 49, gtr st 2.

Alien side flap
Rows 8-28: gtr st 2, st st 16, chart (13 sts for alien side), st st 16, gtr st 2.
29-31: gtr st 2, st st 49, gtr st 2.
32: k (ws) or p (rs)

Scarlet Pimpernel side flap
Rows 8-26: gtr st 2, st st 14, chart (17 sts for flower side), st st 14, gtr 2.
27-31: gtr st 2, st st 49, gtr st 2.
32: k (ws) or p (rs)

Body for both sides
St st for 7"
P (rs) or k (ws) one row
St st 10
P (rs) or k (ws) one row
  (These two purls are the marking places for where you will attach the side pieces)
St st for 6"
St st 2 rows on the wrong side
st st 2 rows on the right side
st st 2 rows on the wrong side

Sew or single crochet two sides together on all edges, making sure that they are exactly matched)
(You may want to wet and lay flat to dry with something heavy on top of it at this point, so that the two sides stay together a little better, but it's up to you)

Sides and strap

Double up Black yarn
Right side piece:
Using sz 11 needles pick up 7 stitches between the purl rows that were made to mark the sides.
Gtr st 36 (or 8") until side piece meets the edge of the bag, (mark)
Continue gtr stitching for 38 3/4". BO
Sew or single crochet side piece to the bag.

For the left side piece, pick up 7 stitches between purl rows
Gtr st 36 (or 8")
Sew or single crochet side piece to the bag.
attach the end of the strap to the side piece.

And then you, hopefully, jump up and down for joy. That is what I did.

And Here are the charts. I hope they are big enough.
Let me know if there  are errors in this pattern please. My email
Please don't sell this pattern or anything you make from this pattern. Otherwise have at it. If you have any questions about copyrights just email. Thanks!

Monday, September 12, 2011


I finally finished my lilac racerback shirt! Now I realize that I'm pretty bad at attaching one piece to the other. but if you don't look too closely its fabulous.

See? I have the pattern for it written out, but I'm pretty sure some of it is wrong since I kinda just jotted down stuff as I went along. I'm nervous about knitting this again for the sake of pattern checking.

It's five pieces in all; the top left and right, the back, the waist band, and then the circular bottom. It was super fun to do, though!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Currently Unknitted

I was recycling an old red sweater, and the idea for this really easy bolero/vestie thingie came to me. It only took me a few hours to work this out, so the front should be quick.
I completely forgot to measure yardage. Oh well.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Works in Progress

So here are some pictures of my unfinished lilac Racerback shirt. I really haven't been ignoring it. So much.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

iNinja! And My First Pattern

Yes I have finally written down a pattern complete enough to post. I hope it's not too confusing. I am a confusing person. Be kind, it's my first.

Sizes E & 1(one) crochet hooks
Worsted weight yarn, black
Scraps of worsted weight, white
Tapestry needle
Needle and thread (white and black)
2 black seed beads
One black snap fastener
Cotton fill

Sc= single crochet
Sc2i1= single crochet 2 in 1 stitch
Sc2tog=single crochet 2 together
BO= bind off

Size E hook and black yarn
ch 4, sc 6 in hole
1) 2 sc in each st
2) Sc1, sc2i1, rep around
3) Sc2, sc2i1, rep around
4) Sc3, sc2i1, rep around
5) Sc4, sc2i1, rep around
6) Sc5, sc2i1, rep around
7) Sc6, sc2i1, x6 rep around
8-11) Sc row
12) Sc6, Sc2tog, rep around
13) Sc5, Sc2tog, rep around
14) sc4, Sc2tog, rep around
15) sc3, Sc2tog, rep around
16) sc2, Sc2tog, rep around
17) Sc row
Stuff head with cotton firmly.

With Size 1 hook and white yarn, ch 13
1-3) Sc12
(Attach beads after the 3rd sc and the 9th of the middle row for the eyes)

Attach the white piece to the head at the 5th row from the bottom.

Directly underneath where the face is attached, 
1) Sc2i1 x3, sc8
2) Sc9, turn
3) Ch1, sc9
4) Ch1, sc2i1 x2, sc5, sc2i1 x2 (13)
5) Ch 20, join to beg of row (33)
(make sure the hole fits around your iPod)
Sc 27 rows, Bo
Sew end closed.
Sew the neck opening closed.

Ch13, sc12, Bo.

Leave a long tail so that you can use it to attach the strap to the head. Attach strap 1 row up from where you sewed the neck closed.
Sew on snap, one piece at the end of the strap, the other on the bag. 

Leaving a long tail for sewing to bag, ch 13, sc two rows of 12. BO, leaving a long tail.
Attach at the 12th row of the bag, using the tapestry needle.

And yay you now have a iNinja to protect your iPod with his awesome ninja skillz.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Bleckness

I think I started out strong last month, but now I have nothing (completed) to show for it. Had to prioritize and save my energy for serious stuff due to a pinched nerve and a bum shoulder.

On the hooks/needles right now:
Amigurumi Dory (still)
Lilac racerback top ( I did finish the back of it, now I only have the right front side and the waist to do.) this should be finished already, but I got sidetracked.
Working on a guitar strap with Moss from the IT Crowd on it!

The only thing I've really completed is a super-mini top hat. It's kind of brilliant. Its Yellow with black stripes and a lacy bow, and I have nooooo idea what to do with it.

I think I might be getting into an amigurumi phase. Or a shirt phase, I can't decide which. I should probably do the phases thing one at a time, no?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Spring. Yay

It looks wonderful outside right now. Unfortunately I am stuck in the house with horrible allergies. I am sure they will clear up in time for the week of thunderstorms and cloudiness predicted, though. Yay.

I went to the library, which is totally worth the half-hour drive. I am still boycotting my local library. I picked up another Stitch'n Bitch book, a toe-up sock book, and two books about knit/crochet flower making for my crocheted grave project (don't ask questions, just go with it).

Right now I am determined to finish a lilac racerback top that I have been working on halfheartedly for a month or so. I started on the back and realised that I lost the diamond eyelet pattern I had planned on using for the back! I've been looking online for something like it, but of course, no luck.

I wonder if his and her matching socks are a lame anniversary present for my favourite maker of pies........I have to come up with something fast or I am never getting a free pie again. And that would just ruin my whole existence. The only thing better than pie is free pie. It's a fact.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Awesomest Things

Holy crap I just discovered Ravelry. It's AWESOME.

I found a pattern for a freakin knit sonic screwdriver! That was my second holy crap moment of the month.

I also have a strange obsession with knitcheting ( yes I just DID put the words knit and crochet together) outside wearable slippers. So far I've got the toe and sole, now I just have to figure out how to add a heel that doesn't look lame. And figure out how to attach a piece of leather or a bottoms sole of some kind. Playing with the idea of using plastic canvas to stiffen it up...... We shall see.

I have a feeling this will be a month of failed attempts at an awesome dream.

Also, I just realized I have ended two posts with a post-script beginning with 'also'.

Monday, March 28, 2011

March is Looking Up

After I gave up on hats for the rest of this month I got a lot of things accomplished. Its shocking!
This is one of the summer dresses I've been working on, modeled by my dress-form friend, Lula-Mae. I kind of hate the print on this fabric now.

And here is a crocheted yellow jumper top I just finished.

And My Half-done Dory (terrible picture. The white blur at the end is supposed to be a yellow tail.) I'm charting this as I go, so maybe I will post it after I finish it.

And that has been my March. Yay April!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finished, Unfinished, and Destroyed

March is a horrible month for yarn projects. It hates me!

I finished the Kiddie kitten hat I started for a friends kiddie (it's awesome). The pattern can be found at It's for big people though, so you will have to scale it down if you want it to be kid-sized. The ears and pom-poms are pink.

I killed the Lidsville hat I was making. Thrice. It's a great pattern ( in Son of Stitch'n Bitch book), but I apparently do not have the magic hat power needed to recreate it. After the third failed attempt I decided to accept my defeat.

I started knitting an amigurumi Dory from Finding Nemo for my fantastically awesome friend. You know how you get an idea and you say to yourself " she is gonna LOVE that"? This is one of those things. I laugh when I'm knitting it.

The socks I started somehow turned into ballet slippers. It gave me a great idea for some sweet hippie slipper/shoe things. I wonder if I put leather on the bottom as a sole, could I wear them out and about?

I've also been drafting a few summer dresses. I guess I didn't realise how easy it is to make a dress when you have a dress form to drape it on. SCORE. I finished the mock-up for two, which I did with old sheets, and now All I have to do is take them apart and use them for patterns.

All of this after I finish stuffed Dory. And tailoring two dresses and a pair of shorts for my homie. And a pair of pants for my extremely short sister.

Maybe the problem here isn't the month of March. Maybe its my inability to finish projects before I start new ones? Naw. It's definitely March.

Also, I love home-made stouts.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Adventures of Sock Woman

I know I have a crazy amount of projects going. So it's a good time for me to start my first pair of socks! Yay socks. I got Melissa Morgan-Oakes book, Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks and I hope it's as easy as it looks. Somehow I doubt it. I'm sure I can manage to finish 7 projects in one month. Ha!
Also, I hate swatching.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I've been thinking about starting a crochet/knitting/sewing/awesomeness blog for a while, but I never had the guts. But now I'm gonna do it, regardless of who reads (or doesn't read) this, and regardless of how many of my friends consider blogging lame.

I went to the thrift store and I found this crazy sherbet pink merino/rayon/rabbit hair ( or something along those lines, I lost the tag) sweater. I am a huge believer in recycling yarn, it's good for the environment and it's cheaper. So I bought this sweater (along with three others for $6 total), just to see if it could be recycled and what it would be like to knit with. It's actually made from two strands of yarn, and it's kind of crazy to unravel, but it is super soft. But I realised halfway through this process, what am I going to do with a sweaters worth of pink yarn? I hate pink.


Also, my camera stinks.