Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Bleckness

I think I started out strong last month, but now I have nothing (completed) to show for it. Had to prioritize and save my energy for serious stuff due to a pinched nerve and a bum shoulder.

On the hooks/needles right now:
Amigurumi Dory (still)
Lilac racerback top ( I did finish the back of it, now I only have the right front side and the waist to do.) this should be finished already, but I got sidetracked.
Working on a guitar strap with Moss from the IT Crowd on it!

The only thing I've really completed is a super-mini top hat. It's kind of brilliant. Its Yellow with black stripes and a lacy bow, and I have nooooo idea what to do with it.

I think I might be getting into an amigurumi phase. Or a shirt phase, I can't decide which. I should probably do the phases thing one at a time, no?

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