Wednesday, July 6, 2011

iNinja! And My First Pattern

Yes I have finally written down a pattern complete enough to post. I hope it's not too confusing. I am a confusing person. Be kind, it's my first.

Sizes E & 1(one) crochet hooks
Worsted weight yarn, black
Scraps of worsted weight, white
Tapestry needle
Needle and thread (white and black)
2 black seed beads
One black snap fastener
Cotton fill

Sc= single crochet
Sc2i1= single crochet 2 in 1 stitch
Sc2tog=single crochet 2 together
BO= bind off

Size E hook and black yarn
ch 4, sc 6 in hole
1) 2 sc in each st
2) Sc1, sc2i1, rep around
3) Sc2, sc2i1, rep around
4) Sc3, sc2i1, rep around
5) Sc4, sc2i1, rep around
6) Sc5, sc2i1, rep around
7) Sc6, sc2i1, x6 rep around
8-11) Sc row
12) Sc6, Sc2tog, rep around
13) Sc5, Sc2tog, rep around
14) sc4, Sc2tog, rep around
15) sc3, Sc2tog, rep around
16) sc2, Sc2tog, rep around
17) Sc row
Stuff head with cotton firmly.

With Size 1 hook and white yarn, ch 13
1-3) Sc12
(Attach beads after the 3rd sc and the 9th of the middle row for the eyes)

Attach the white piece to the head at the 5th row from the bottom.

Directly underneath where the face is attached, 
1) Sc2i1 x3, sc8
2) Sc9, turn
3) Ch1, sc9
4) Ch1, sc2i1 x2, sc5, sc2i1 x2 (13)
5) Ch 20, join to beg of row (33)
(make sure the hole fits around your iPod)
Sc 27 rows, Bo
Sew end closed.
Sew the neck opening closed.

Ch13, sc12, Bo.

Leave a long tail so that you can use it to attach the strap to the head. Attach strap 1 row up from where you sewed the neck closed.
Sew on snap, one piece at the end of the strap, the other on the bag. 

Leaving a long tail for sewing to bag, ch 13, sc two rows of 12. BO, leaving a long tail.
Attach at the 12th row of the bag, using the tapestry needle.

And yay you now have a iNinja to protect your iPod with his awesome ninja skillz.